We had four consultations with various orthodontists in town prior to choosing Dr. Olsen. My daughter has a small mouth and all the other orthodontists said they would need to file between each tooth, removing a small amount of enamel from each, to make enough room in her mouth. I really wanted to avoid that if at all possible. Dr. Olsen was the only orthodontist that felt confident we could avoid filing her teeth. Our dentist was also undergoing orthodontic treatment at the time and he was under Dr. Olsen’s care. We chose to go to Dr. Olsen and I am extremely happy with the outcome of her treatment. Her teeth and smile look beautiful and no filing was needed at all. Our experience at this office has been wonderful. They really work hard to get folks in/out in a timely fashion and are great communicators and very responsive to any concerns. We would highly recommend Dr. Olsen and his staff to anyone needing orthodontic treatment.

Janet M.

My braces got knocked off by a swing and Dr. Olsens office fixed everything right up. Thanks!

Olivia M.

Well, I am on week 7 with my invisalign’s and can already see change in my teeth. I go and see Dr. Olson once a month and am always received with a warm great at the office. They get me in and out fast and I am on my way with my next couple pears. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas, the waiting is killing me. Thanks so much for making a dream come true, well still in progress.

Ronda K.

I really like the process of how appointments run efficiently and the staff is always helpful and nice.

Jennifer M.

Always fast and helpful. Great service and very friendly. Best choice we made to go here.

Tierra P.

I got my braces with Olsen and through the whole process they where so great to me. They taught me to take care of them and my teeth so that I could finally have a smile I was not afraid to show off. I now smile with confidence and I love it. Thank you Dr. Olsen and all of your wonderful staff! I will make sure to tell all my friends about you if they ever need braces!

Kelly A.

Went in for my daughter’s routine appointment for her braces, went quickly and smoothly as usual. And when we were walking out my daughter said, ‘they are all so nice there’. Makes the entire process so much easier when she enjoys the people who work there!

Kelli L.

I thought the service was excilent. Every time I went to an appointment Dr. Olsen and the staff were super friendly and always made me smile. I can most certainly say that if I had to do it all over again I would.

Tylie E.

I was super impressed with our first appointment with Dr. Olsen and his staff. We were treated in a very friendly and professional manner and our questions were taken seriously and answered well. I also love the Damon method – or at least I’m sure I will, once my daughter’s teeth are “fixed”. I would recommend him and his office to anyone! :)

Jami H.

We just couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of our experience at Olsen Orthodontics. The staff is warm, efficient, and fun. Our visits are quick and enjoyable, and the Laurel office meets our needs perfectly. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

Camden H.

I like Dr. Olsen he is gentle and that we don’t have to wait a long time for my appointments. I used to be afraid of the orthodontist but I am not anymore as long as I am seeing Dr. Olsen!

Emma J.

Dr. Olson, he fixed my under bite. I have been coming to him since I was in kindergarten.

My teeth look great. Dr. Olson Is the BEST!! He rocks..

Dylan B.

My appointments are always on time if not early, and the staff is always very welcoming and accommodating and super friendly. Dr. Olsen very ready to explain things and answer any questions. This has got to be the best orthodontist’s office!

Maria Q.

We are nearing the end of our 2nd family member being cared for by the fantastic staff at Olsen Orthodontics. We recommend Dr. Olsen as often as we can. We appreciate the pleasant office atmosphere. It is evident in their smiles and care that he and his staff love their jobs and care about our kids.

Nicole K.

So very cordial right from the front door. We were greeted and our hands shook. Love the kids names on the mirror. Everyone was so professionalexplaining every step along the way. The receptionist actually came out and sat beside me and chatted while my daughter was being seen. It felt like we had been friends forever! I give you a 10+++++

Libby B.

Today was my daughter Haley’s first day of braces and you and your staff made her feel like family. Thank you!

Jill H.

During my time at Olsen’s I felt that I had great care there. They needed to have my baby tooth removed in order to move my adult tooth down. They knew exactly what to do during my care. They achieved and got that baby tooth to come down in a timely manner considering I am an adult and my mouth shifting isn’t the quickest. The staff and the doctor at there office were always welcoming and knew knew me. They always made me feel like I was getting the best care needed and made me feel comfortable so if I had questions I could ask. There braces aren’t how I remember the braces being, but the braces they use were very comfortable and easy to wear and take care of. I would highly recommend Dr. Olsen and his staff to anyone I know having braces. I know they will take good care of you. Thanks Dr. Olsen and to his staff for taking such good care of me. You have made my teeth look amazing. I know there is still a little I have to do yet to finalize my dental work with you, but I know that when its all said in done my teeth with be 100 times better then when we started. THANKS AGAIN.

Jamie G.

Very professional, I waited 44 years to have straight teeth!! Would do it again and Dr Olsen would be asked again to work on my teeth.

John B.

After moving to Montana I was relived to find an Orthodontist that made a huge impression on me and my son Lucas! Lucas has had a lot of visit’s to an orthodontists back home and when we had an consultation with Dr Olsen we were ecstatic regarding his expertise and knowledge of what we need to do to move Lucas along his orthodontic treatments! The office staff are warm and welcoming!

Karyn B.

I was very nervous when I came in that morning to have my braces put on. Dr. Olson was very nice and gentle. The gal who helped me was super nice and explained everything step by step and I felt so much better!

Mackenna W.

Dr. Olsen’s staff is always friendly and very helpful. Dr. Olsen has a great re pore with his clients and I am always impressed with the Dr. and his Staff. Thank you for all of your great kindness with my daughter at this transitional stage in her life.

Jeanette K.

Before Dr. Olsen and his team helped me I had a serious over bite, but now that I got braces the over bite is gone and now I have a great smile and both sets of teeth are visible.

Aj S.

I enjoyed the visits. They tried to make the appointments before school as much as possible. They worked fast and were courteous at the same time.

Forrest G.

Dr. Olsen and his staff are awesome and always welcome me with a smile! They make braces fun and I look forward to my visits.

Claire M.

I had an extremely difficult case and you made it much easier to live in braces. Excellent support and outstanding staff. Thank you.

Michelle T.

I had my first appointment on Wednesday. The staff were very friendly and professional. To my surprise, They put braces on my teeth on my very first appointment. I appreciate their efficiency. I am very positive about my treatment.

Xiaoying L.

Since I have been a patient of Dr. Olsen and team I have been treated with nothing but kindness and caring people that are obviously passionate about what they do and what they try to accomplish with each and every patient. I am happy and honored to be a patient of Dr. Olsen and team. Thank you

Danny L.

Very friendly and accommodating. Very pleased with the progress in our daughter’s teeth.

Mindy C.

The staff is amazing! They are very caring and understanding. Appts are handled in a timely manner.

Rachael H.

After hearing high praise from numerous families whose members were past patients of Dr. Marc Olsen, my wife and I decided that we would have him treat our eldest daughter

Kyle R.

I’ve had Dr. Olsen for my 2 boys. One is almost out of braces and the other just got into them. If anyone ever ask, I tell them that Dr. Olsen is the best! Hands Down! He spends personal time with you at the visits, his staff is so friendly, and they really make you feel welcome. Besides the amazing changes I’ve seen in my kids’ smiles, the atmosphere and professionalism in this office is stand out. We have been completely satisfied.

Suzanne N.

So far we have been very pleased with Olsen Ortho. Everybody has been sooooo friendly and helpful. We just moved here and I was so nervous to get a new orthodontist but these guys have made it painless.

Grace L.

I started going to Dr. Olsen when I was 9. I’m now 13 and my teeth look great. It’s amazing how they’ve changed! What a drastic difference.

Emma M.

Dr. Olsen was very thorough explaining the treatment of my son. His treatment is a bit more complicated and Dr. Olsen clearly covered all areas. The made me and, more importantly, my son feel comfortable.

Trey S.

Every time I go in for an appointment I always leave feeling happy knowing my teeth are getting better each day! Thanks so much!

Sara H.

Olsen Orthodontics is a wonderful facility to be treated for a perfected smile. The staff is well-trained and very friendly. The Doctor, also, is efficient and knowledgable which shows in his passion for his practice and in the outcome of the beautiful smiles that walk out of the office door.

Hannah K.

Absolutely love the friendly ness of the staff and everyone is so pleasant with their patients. I will definitely recommend to my friends and family!!

Jenny B.

I had broken a bracket over the weekend, I called an they got me in right away…there is never any waiting I’ve found out! The girls there are so caring and nice. They make you feel at home and comfortable. Dr. Olsen is so amazing himself, he is always so caring and gentle. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for their Orthodontic care!!

Kim C.

Great start for my first day in braces. Everyone was very friendly and I survived without any troubles.

Gavin D.

You and the staff have been great! I’m getting my braces off Tuesday morning! Ya

Shelbie O.

The check up went great. It was very fast so I didn’t miss much school. The waiting was minimal it was great!

Gavin D.

My son Ricky got his braces on yesterday and he was so excited. I was so happy with the ladies that worked on him and also with Dr. Olsen. They seemed as excited as he was. They welcomed me to watch as much as I wanted to and explained everything they did as they went along. He was so happy. He told me this morning that his braces brought out the color in his eyes. I am so happy. Thank you so much.

Cheryl F.

Dr. Olsens office is amazing. He is a wonderful orthodontist and his stff is amazing.

Jamie L.

My eldest daughter just got her braces off!!! Love how supportive everyone is. Will be back with my youngest daughter next.

Cheryl R.

appointments are easy to schedule, short, and infrequent. treatments are effective, without much pain. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Kristi S.

My wire broke and Dr. Olsen fixed it right up and even gave me a purple wire this time!

Eliza M.

I have never experienced anything like Olsen Orthodontics! We adore Dr. Olsen and his staff is simply amazing!!! My daughter actually looks forward to her appointments and loves going to them! I just can’t say enough good things about them.

Stacie M.

As an adult and after many years of baffling, hard to treat ear pain I was diagnosed with TMJ. Orthodontia has successfully helped this problem! I am very happy with the results so far and feel better than I have for a long time. Thanks for all you do!

Sheila O.

Very happy you are able to schedule my son’s appointments early in the morning or late in the day so he doesn’t have to miss much school!

Barbara W.

Olsen Orthodontics is an excellent, very personable team. Quality and expertise is unmatched! Go get a consultation for the newest technology. I left a orthodontist in NC for Olsen and never was happier.

Peri P.

From the first time we met Dr. Olsen and his staff, we have been impressed not only with their professionalism, but also how warm, approachable, and enthusiastic they are. We appreciated Dr. Olsen spending time with my son and I during his consultation. He answered questions, explained procedures, and took time to get to know my son. We are glad to have the opportunity to join Dr. Olsen’s orthodontic family!

Julie C.

Every time I went in for an appointment everyone in the office was always very nice! It felt like we were like one big family!! And my teeth look AMAZING now, thanks to Dr Olsen and the team at Olsen orthodontics!!

Sheila G.

A year and a half into this journey and the Olson team is still amazing! We have graduated out of rubber bands and Calie is happy about that. YAY!

Calie H.

I’m nearing the end. Thanks for all the fun and professional services

Dylan B.

Dr. Olsen answered my questions and altered treatment as was needed. We really enjoy all interactions with him and his staff!

Alexa N.

excellent visit!! got bands, and my teeth hurt for a few days, but i got used to it. and now i hardly notice my bands during the day and at night. :) cant wait to go back!

Kasidy R.

It is such a pleasure to have such a wonderful doctor and crew take care of my daughter. She loves you guys. It is worth the trip. Thank you so much.

Dawn L.

I can’t say enough good things about how Dr. Olsen and his staff treated me during my treatment but how they are now treating my son. They make you feel so relaxed and at ease.

Art L.

Olsen Orthodontics was very friendly and efficient. I had two children that needed to be seen and they went above and beyond to make my visit convenient. It was thorough but timely. I would recommend Olsen Orthodontics to my friends and family.

Brenda M.

Great friendly staff, was very willing to answer the questions I had and explained what my next appointment would like in terms of treatment and what they were going to do.

Georgetta S.

As always, I really like that I didn’t have to wait around for my appointment and didn’t have to miss a lot of school to see Dr. Olsen. No stress at all. Thanks!

Sean W.

I love the staff and Dr. Olsen! Caden has had his braces for a year now, and I can tell how much self-confidence it has already given! I can’t wait to see him next year with his brand new smile! Thanks for all you do!

Heathr E.

I’m getting my braces off earlier then expected because of the wonderful job Dr. Olsen and his team have done! Thanks so much!

Taggert M.

We have had a great experience. While braces may not be fun, your compassion and flexibility has helped Jordan to adjust. Thank you

Laurie W.

Dr Olsen did a good job finishing up my braces for me. I just got them off in June and my teeth look nice. My visits always went well and now only have a couple left and I’ll be all done. Thanks again to Dr. Olsen & gals

Katelyn S.

The staff is friendly and are willing to help out with the braces. And answer any questions we have. Enjoy going in and see smiling faces.

Hayden M.

I think a prerequisite for working in your office must include being nice. Everyone was very kind and supporting. I still wonder if investing this much at my age will be worth it, but here goes. Happy Holidays.

Carla G.

Thorough, comprehensive professional environment. Educated on my options in courteous and skilled manner. Top notch patient treatment!

Mary B.

You do a great job with Danielle. She loves everyone there. I enjoy the awesome staff. Very helpful and Kathy is great to deal with.

Dawn L.

Everybody was friendly. They made everything easier than I thought it was going to be. It was also faster than I thought! Thank you for the bag of goodies!

Steven V.

I am very pleased with my daughter Taylors braces and the people that have been involved in this procedure. Everyone I’ve ever talked to or need help with something has done the best job possible. I’ve always received a call back when needed. Thank You for everything!!

Jj S.

Doctor and nurses are always polite. Everyone knows whats going on pleasant visits

Kevin G.

I have been seeing Dr. Olson and his team here in Wyoming for two years. I have a few more visits and a couple more steps before my journey is complete. I am very pleased with my results from the invisalines and the wonderful attention I was given at each visit by Dr. Olson and his team its like a friendship between them and me. I do and will continue to recommend there services to not only a child but to adults that want a little change or as a reward like I have done for quieting smoking. I love to smile and soon I will have that smile back, the genuine smile that I had lost because of some miner damages to my teeth. Thanks so much and God Bless. :)

Ronda K.

I got my braces with Olsen and through the whole process they where so great to me. They taught me to take care of them and my teeth so that I could finally have a smile I was not afraid to show off. I now smile with confidence and I love it. Thank you Dr. Olsen and all of your wonderful staff! I will make sure to tell all my friends about you if they ever need braces!

Kelly A.

Going to your office is a great experience. Everyone is kind and friendly. We rarely have to wait longer than 5 minutes. Shawn ‘s teeth are looking great.

Shawn P.

I had multiple reminders sent to me which was helpful. The visit was quick and was able to set up my next appointment easily. The staff was friendly!

Brenda M.

My daughter had her braces put on yesterday, and Dr. Olsen and his staff were awesome……as they always are!! She enjoyed her visit. I always know my children are in good hands and will receive the best care possible. Thanks Olsen Orthodontics!!

Angela L.

We were very impressed with our first visit to Dr. Olson. The staff were very friendly. We didn’t wait at all. The staff obviously tried very hard to make Forrest feel welcome and comfortable. He was so nervous and scared to go and by the time we left he was excited to come back. He even wore his shirt to school the next day!

Forrest D.

Visit was great:) love my purple wires! can’t wait for a new color of rubber band around my brackets

Kasidy R.

The day was entertaining and fun I like the toothbrush with the toothpaste built in. The place was just so cool. Jennifer was fun.

Shelby H.

It was a great visit! The staff is excellent and Dr. Olsen is terrific. Thanks!

Michele F.

You guys are always Great! Greeted when we come in, the wait if any is short and you let us know what is happening. All the staff is friendly and professional. We are on our second child having gone through treatment here, and can’t think of any expectations that were not met.

Kelly G.

Hi, After about 2 yrs with my braces on, yesterday (Tuesday, 14th) Dr.Olsen agreed it was time to have them removed-yeah!! I love how my teeth look & feel. Thank you for the good job & a Thank-you to the nice gals in your office :)

Katelyn S.

Dr. Olsen and his staff are knowledgeable and friendly. I feel comfortable in their office. I am looking forward to completing treatment even though it will not be in the near future. Until then, at least it is a place that I enjoy visiting about every 6-8 weeks. :)

Aubrie S.

I like talking with Jill. She ALWAYS is willing to help me with whatever I need. If she is busy she stops and makes sure my needs are met.. Thanks for all you do Jill Destiny James

Destiny J.

It was great experience. You have a wonderful staff that was very helpful and pleasant. We will recommend your place to others. Everyone gave alot of good information and made us feel welcome. Great job. Thank you all.

Kim D.

My daughter was very nervous to have her braces put on last week, however the assistant’s not only made my daughter feel at ease, but also boosted her confidence levels with how she looked. She walked into the office a scared little girl, but walked out with a huge smile on her face and not a hint of self-consciousness. Thanks Tanya, Dr. Olsen, and the rest of the staff!!!!!

Callie D.

I felt Dr. Olsen was very thorough and explained everything we needed in great detail as well as helped my child understand the importance of her position in this process.

Lori S.

I can not THANK YOU enough for letting Gavin come early to get his retainers on Tuesday, July 1st. I was trying to play Super-Mom and make it back to Plentywood for my daughter’s softball games. It is rare for a kid to get picked to play both games and Tuesday was her night. I was able to make it back to Plentywood to watch 1 1/2 of those games. Then drove home to Scobey afterwards. She was a very happy girl. Once again, THANK YOU so much for making that phone call to let us know his retainers were done so we could come in early. I greatly appreciated it!

Steph F.

I had an excellent experience at Olsen Orthodontics. From the beginning of my consultation appointment to the end, the staff was extremely attentive and I would recommend this business to anyone in need of orthodontic care.

Shay S.

The ladies and DR took very good care of my son. Very informative and caring answering all questions.

Victoria D.

It’s a a bit of a drive for us but it’s worth the friendly faces and great service we receive every time.

Wendy L.

Thank you so much Mr Olsen for helping with my teeth. I was not sure how I would get along with braces and they do hurt sometimes when they are adjusted, but I know in the end my teeth are going to be great. All of your staff are so friendly and they explain everything to me when I come into your office.

Hanna W.

My daughter, Allyson, really likes going to Dr. Olson and all of the women in the office are awesome!

Monica S.

Dr. Olsen and his staff were ahead of schedule with my appointment and I was able to get back to school much faster than I had planned. Having an office in Laurel is very convenient for me. Thanks!

Layne W.

Our appointment was fast and efficient and Dr. Olson was very straightforward and concerned about the best approach to take with my son.

Heidi T.

Layne Sanderson was in for her usual retainer check. We were in and out in a flash and the staff was very friendly.

Leann S.

The patient is actually my 8 year old daughter Savannah Morton. I can not tell you how amazed and thrilled I am with your office and services! There just are NO words! I love how kid friendly and kid oriented you are and my daughter eagerly looks forward to each visit. Your staff is the friendliest I have ever seen anywhere! It is always a true pleasure to visit your office!

Stacie M.

We were very pleased with our first trip to the orthodontist. ALL the staff were super friendly, very accommodating, and great with my kids. They were very informative and straight forward with the process and financing options. The kid’s favorite part was the loot they walked away with and a copy of their x-rays.

Mandy S.

Thank you for getting Shelby in to repair her broken bracket. We appreciate your help. Lana Hanson

Shelby H.

I was so impressed with DR. Olsen and his staff at Olsen Orthodontics. They were very friendly and had a gift ready for the kids when they arrived and left. The honesty was impressive to me. Dr. Olsen saw all three of my kids and was very professional and honest. Only one of my three children were deemed as needing orthodontics, he could have easily said that all of them needed braces. My kids actually left his office smiling!

Brenda M.

Nice, caring staff. Dr Olsen seems very knowledgeable. Very up front with treatment plan and cost.

Jennifer C.

Jayme is great and Will is very comfortable with her and Dr. Olsen. We’ll be back in 6 months!

Holly L.

Everyone was very nice, professional and answered every question. My daughter feels comfortable with the staff and is looking forward to getting her braces. We were also very impressed with all of the technology.

Shawna C.

Calie always enjoys visiting the staff at Olson Orthodontics even if they cause her a bit of pain! She likes how welcoming they are and how they make her feel comfortable. Thanks Olson!

Lori S.

Thanks for the appointment reminder, with our busy schedule its always nice to get the e-mail and phone call, because some days we never know if we are coming or going! Thanks again Phyllis & Chesnie

Chesnie W.

I always feel welcome. They are very accommodating with my schedule. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Alan T.

I enjoyed my last visit, it was quick, painless and I especially appreciate the wire trim so it doesnt hurt my mouth. See you next month. Also, i out grew my Olsen Ortho shirt so I was wondering if I could get a new one. Thank you. Easton.

Easton K.

Really like Dr. Olsen. He is a nice guy. He is very encouraging about my braces and what is happening. Thanks!

Erik S.

Very outstanding… My daughter just loves his office..She get excited about her brace bucks. They are so nice and caring.

Patricia D.

My son love going to Dr Olsen’s office. Everyone is very friendly. He feels comfortable there because everyone knows him by name and takes an interest in him.

Christy P.

Dr. Olsen and his staff are always polite and very effective. They always have a little small talk going on so you feel comfortable. They have been a life changer for me.

Emma M.

Mr. Olsen & his staff are excellent. You are very accommodating to your patients. You get me in when I need to. I get my braces off in 2 weeks and I’m excited! I can show off the smile you gave me for life.

Shelbie O.

I love the experience at Olsen Orthodontics. They are always so friendly outgoing and fun! I love the assistants they do amazing work. Dr. Olsen is the best Orthodontist out there! Keep up the good work you have a wonderful team! Something to be proud of!!!!’

Heather E.

Dr. Olsen is so awesome! He spends time with you and is very hands on. He is very good at what he does. I just had one boy get out of braces and another one go in. I wouldn’t go to anyone else!!

Suzanne N.

I love the way this office and staff treat their clients. Very considerate and friendly to work with.

Jenny B.

I really like Olsen Orthodontics because the staff is so friendly and Dr. Olsen is so easy going. He’s very knowledgeable and fun to visit with. We travel a long ways to see them and they always treat us in the best way. I’m glad my parents chose to work with Dr. Olsen. My teeth are looking great!

Grant O.

Everyone is so friendly and professional. Answers my questions before I have a chance to ask them. Makes me and my daughter feel very comfortable.

Kelli L.

It’s always pleasant coming in, I love the convenience of being in our home town and it’s always quick. Thank you!

Charla M.

We just completed 2nd son in braces in with Dr. Olsen. The first had traditional braces, and the 2nd had the Damen system. We recommend the Damen system, as the adjustment discomfort is greatly minimized. Dr Olsen & Staff did a great job for our family, working with payment options, scheduling, and minor repairs. And I thank Dr Olsen for keeping my son’s teeth!!

Now 2 more siblings are coming into the age of braces, and we wouldn’t look anywhere else. Thanks Dr. Olsen!

Kari B.

We are new to the area. We transferred to Dr. Olsen from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Dr. Olsen and his staff have made Nate feel right at home. Very Professional and Friendly. We are so thankful for the easy transition!

Stephanie B.

I never thought I’d enjoy going to the dentist–but everyone in this office is ridiculously nice–even Dr. Olsen–LOL. Braces at age 68 is not for everyone; but they’re making the journey an adventure. Like learning to run computers, I find there are no stupid questions; and losing brackets isn’t the biggest stupid thing I could do. And so the adventure continues–

Ginny H.

Todays visit was great, the staff was wonderful, getting my wire off so I could get my teeth cleaned and when I came back to get it put back on they took off my hurbst appliance!!! I am so happy that is off! I also don’t need to wear any wires for a month! Exactly on time from my first visit!

Mason K.

My daughter loves going to the orthodontist! Its great to see a friendly face and a great atmosphere!

Kami G.

My appointment was great. Bethany is so nice and was very helpful to the new employee who was learning new things. Thanks Olsen Orthodontics!

Aubrie S.

We had the best experience that we had in a doctors office. The staff is wonderful very sweet and also super fun. Mostly the one we had she rocked for sure. The doctor was the best too

Certainly explained everything step by step. My kids were so happy and excited to get braces. Just super comfortable there way to go. You all rock!

Tracie H.

Awesome people always make me feel welcome.. If It didn’t hurt so much i’d come every day

Bridger K.

Britt is hard on everything!! Thanks for puting up with an amazing pain in the butt!! Great job!!

David B.

We had a great time this visit. Calie felt very comfortable and usual with the staff. It was an in and out appointment.

Calie H.

My daughter can’t wait to come back! I like how comfortable you made her feel. You explained things well. Very personable.

Kelli L.

Olsen Orthodontics staff are always friendly and make us feel like we are at home. I appreciate their kindness and fun attitude they have with my 7 year old daughter. It’s always a great visit!

Mindy C.

My daughter has been a patient for almost a year now and we are just thrilled with her treatment. Dr. Olsen has always listened to me and explained my daughters orthodontic plan every step of the way. His staff is very friendly and helpful, as well.

Kerry S.

I have only high praise for the entire Olsen Orthodontics team: Janine, Heather, Jill, Tessa, Bethany and Tami, just to name a few. Being the fourth member of my family–with one to go–to receive treatment from Olsen Orthodontics, Dr. Olsen and his staff continue to impress with their care and service. My three oldest kids, who have already completed treatment, are pleased with their results, as are their parents. And, approaching the finish line on my own treatment plan (braces off before Christmas!), it is amazing to see the dramatic change in my teeth, especially considering no teeth were extracted from my previously crowded mouth.

Dr. Olsen and his team are not satisfied until you are, which is as it should be. Don’t let the use of gimmicks by other orthodontic practices influence you. I would recommend Dr. Olsen’s practice to anyone who wants an improved smile.

Kyle R.

Dr. Olsen and his staff are always so nice and professional. They make my visits more tolerable! :)

Rebekah S.

The girls are really nice to me and gave me purple wire and colored bands this time. They know me by my name and I like going there.

Derean T.

Once again I had a great appointment, sorry I was running a few minutes late thanks for not getting onto me. So I am going every six weeks and getting three sets each time. Its funny I feel like a kid again, after 21 time flies by and now I want those instant results that time is once again dragging on like when I was a kid. I have referred Dr. Olson to everyone I talk to and have one potential client and its all because of the great care I am getting. Thank you Dr. Olson and staff for your one on one special care. see ya next time.

Ronda K.

I ove the staff at the lander office! Everyone is so helpful and friendly! Im really happy with my braces, cant wait to see the final results.

Shelly S.

it was a good visit. Thank you for staying open even though we ran a little late that afternoon.

Deb L.

Fast, easy visit, I had new wires put in, yes, my mouth hurt afterwards, but all is good- thanks doc and your staff for a pleasant appointment!

Chloe F.

Olsen Orthodontics has been wonderful! With our hectic schedule they have worked us in at the last minute. Mason doesn’t complain of pain or discomfort after a visit either and that says a lot right there! The staff is wonderful and friendly too.

Just in the 8 months that Mason has had braces and a herbst appliance, his face and smile is more beautiful each day.

Good Job Dr. Olsen and staff!!

Mason K.

Last wire in less than a year and britt would not see anyone else!! Great people

David B.

I just got braces on my bottom teeth and started phase 2. I’m excited to start this new phase! My teeth look great!!!

Eliza M.

Dr. Olsen cares about his patients and takes the time to listen to them and explain things. The office staff is friendly. We appreciate the pleasant atmosphere found in the office. Thank you!

Kim B.

We moved here in January of 2014. Drew (Timothy Arnold) had already started having major dental work done and needed about 2 more years of braces to finish. Dr.Olsen gladly took Drew on as a patient and started his treatment. He just happened to know our dentist in South Carolina, which was great.

We were able to finance the remainder of the balance, and even though I have had some set backs, the staff are wonderful.

Every visit they treat Drew with respect, talk to him like an adult. And are great with me…

Thanks for working with us.

Mary A.

Everyone is always so nice! I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone needing braces!

Coriana L.

He enjoyed today’s visit he was asking a lot of questions and finally came out of his shell. He loves talking with the tech and Dr. Olsen.

Hayden M.

We all had a good experience at the orthodontist on Friday! Everyone was very patient, understanding and kind! Thank you for all you do for us!

Mandy F.

Everyone in the office is super friendly. They make us feel very comfortable every time we go in. And help answer any questions that we might have.

Jodi P.

Olsen Orthodontics has been great!! since day one. They have made us feel comfortable in there office everyone is always nice and smiling and they do whatever they can to make you feel comfortable and not nervous. I am the first one in my immediate family to get braces so this is a new road for me and my family. And the day I got them on wasn’t as bad as what I thought it was going to be. Everyone was so helpful and made sure they talked to me so that I understood what they were doing and how to take care of my new braces. My mom, dad, and little brother and sister were even able to come and sit by me and talk and see what was going on that helped me feel better.
Thanks Olsen Orthodontics for making getting braces not so scary of an experience.

Riley P.

This is meeghans 2nd visit. And we very pleased. The staff is so friendly and accomodating. We love Dr olsen. He is so willing to talk and make it a personal visit. Answers questions .

Jane H.

Our experience has been great thus far. The staff is helpful and friendly. The relaxed atmosphere helps put the kids at ease.

Sarah S.

You have an awesome staff. They are very friendly and enthusiastic. Thanks so much!

Julia W.

You always make my daughter feel comfortable. She knows she can feel free to express any concerns with your staff.

Heather L.

I love being a part of the kids program, everyone is so nice to me and I get Neslo coins that I am saving to get movie tickets for me and my Daddy. I can’t wait to go back again!

Vegas A.

The appoitment started quicly with little waiting time. The technicians were nice and funny. Dr.Olsen is always friendly and treats me well. I felt very welcome and I am coming back in a week to get my braces off! :)

Emily D.

In 10 more weeks it will be pretty close to a year I have had my braces on. It has gone by in a flash and I would like to say that Olsen orthodontics has been polite patient and very knowledgeable on what I need to expect what is coming up on next visit and overall one of the best group of people I have come across in a long time. Everyone is kind and generous and sometime I think there more excited for my straight teeth than I am, although I am very excited watching the transformation of my own teeth is really amazing. Thank you Olsen staff for this great opportunity to experience one of the greatest things I will ever experience. I am grateful.

Danny L.

Mylah came home from her appointment very excited! She said that Dr Olsen told her the treatment was going very well and that it looks like he has been able ot correct her jaw without the use of rubber bands! She also said ti didn’t even hurt this time! I know if Mylah is excited about being there the entire office must be doing a fantastic job!

Mylah N.

It’s so good that Sean can get in to see you quickly when the inevitable little emergencies occur. I recommend your office highly to my friends whenever the subject of kids’ braces comes up. Thanks!

Sean W.

I loved my first appointment! Thank you for all of the goodies from the Kids Club. I take my water bottle everywhere. I’m excited for my next appointment. Everyone made me feel so comfortable.

Aspen D.

I started my orthodontics with Dr. Bill’s and finished with Dr. Olsen. I had a postive experience with both Doctors and continue to have good care with the Olsen orthodontic team.

Chantelle M.

Going to your office is a great experience. Everyone is kind and friendly. We rarely have to wait longer than 5 minutes. Shawn ‘s teeth are looking great.

Shawn P.

When we go into the office everybody are so nice. They always great you and help right away.

John F.

Always a pleasure to come in for appointments. Very thorough and great with my daughter. Very friendly staff.

Jennifer R.

Dr Olsen was very nice to me while I was getting used to wearing my braces. He was also very helpful and came into the office on Sundays when I had emergencies with my braces

Kaeden V.

Forrest was very nervous but Dr.Olsen and the staff made his experience comfortable and as fun as possible. Thank you!

Forrest D.

I met with four other orthodontists before choosing this firm. The visual and extensive information regarding my treatment far surpassed all the others and the payment plan was affordable and accommodating. It’s always a pleasant visit to Dr. Olsen’s office. I am always greeted with a smile by more than one of the friendly staff members when I walk through the door and the help I receive is done with kindness and professional knowledge. They explain the procedure as they work and answer my questions in detail. They all work together like a team of happy family members and include me in their group. I am very pleased to recommend Dr. Olsen and his team as your number one choice.

Diana G.

DR. Olsen and his staff are always very friendly and make our visit enjoyable. They entertain my youngest while the older daughter has her appointment. I’m glad we have this service available in our town and the quality of service is excellent.

Mindy C.

Again the service and care provided was outstanding! I always feel like my daughter’s care is top priority and we are always treated like we are the most important people on the planet! Great job, thumbs up and yay!

Kaye-Marie W.

This past visit I got Heather and I really like her. She makes you feel so comfortable and really knows what she’s doing. It was fun visiting with Dr. Olsen and her and I even got a purple wire which is pretty cool (:

Mariah M.

Even though I am always nervous about visits I feel comfortable during my visit and everyone is so kind and works with my fear. Thank you.

Laura F.

Great experience, I had horrible headaches and Dr Olsen has helped me get rid of them, I am so thankful that I can actually function and spend time with my kids now and not have a headache while doing it! And I got a great smile out of it as well! I have three boys that will be gettin braces and appliances here soon and they will be goin to see Dr Olsen as well

Davette M.

It was a fast appointment. I had a couple of my brackets replaced in minimal time!

Gavin D.

From the beginning the service has been flawless. The first day I went in there people asked for my name and not only that but after seeing them for a second meeting weeks later, still remembered it. This doesn’t only apply to Dr. Olsen but everyone else on the staff as well. I was properly educated on the Damon system and every procedure that would need to be done in the next two year period. Olsen Orthodontics assisted me with an affordable payment plan that made it possible for me to pay for my braces and still afford my other bills and expenses without having to sacrifice. Words can’t begin to describe the environment at Olsen’s and the job that they do, i can honestly say, it has been worth every cent!

Cody H.

My daughter can’t wait to come back! I like how comfortable you made her feel. You explained things well. Very personable.

Kelli L.

Dr. Olsen and his staff are great. They even let my mom come back with me. Now I go back all by myself. They’re always so nice and fun.

Olivia M.

I like Dr. Olson and his staff. We appreciate the work that he does and the time he takes with his patients.

Jillian O.

I have had a great experience here at Olsen orthodontics! Dr. Olsen and his team do a wonderful job at serving their patients!

Rabecca W.

We always love going to see your office, the girls remember you and your family.

Rebecca M.

I would recommend Dr. Olsen for anyone. When I have an appointment, it goes smoothly and quickly. Everything is done to quality standards. Dr. Olsen always takes his time to make sure your teeth are doing well. I trust Olsen Orthopedics.

Tim C.

Dr. Olsen has provided braces for our three children. We appreciate his office staff and Dr. Olsen’s personal attention! He has gone the extra mile making sure that we have been satisfied! Thanks for the beautiful smiles in our home!!

Lisa L.

I really like Dr. Olsen and his staff. I came in to pick up some wax and mentioned that my wire was bothering me. They took me right back and fixed it in just a few minutes.

Eliza M.

Dr.Olsen is a great orthodontist. He is very patient and kind. He has a great personality.

Erik S.

I do appreciate the courteous staff and how appointments are run very smoothly and there is no long wait time for my daughter’s appointments. Everyone is friendly and you feel welcomed.

Jennifer M.

As per every visit so far, so pleased with staff. Jennifer was very friendly and easy to talk to on our last visit. Spent alot of time with me going over every detail of what to expect for our next visit and long term plan.

Jane H.

We always have a great experience at Dr.Olsons. He and the staff are great with my daughter and they provide fun incentives for the patients.

Mindy C.

I like going to Dr. Olsen because he is nice and his staff is nice. They accomodate my school and sports schedule. I would recommend someone else to go see him.

Myndi N.

We were very pleased with the Dr. Olsen and his staff. They spent time explaining options to us as we began the process of putting braces on our son. We are excited to start this journey with Dr. Olsen and look forward to our son’s beautiful smile!

Julie C.

Wonderful job to all of you. Everyone was very helpful and made us feel very welcome. Good explanations. Great place and experience was number one. Would highly recommend to others.

Tierra P.

All my interactions with everyone over the past year or so have been fabulous. I always feel like my daughters needs are a priority. She has had issues with breaking brackets etc. and even though we are in Rawlins she is taken care of in a timely fashion. I also like the addition of the emails and reminders. I highly recommend Olsen Orthodontics. I have older children and have had other orthodontists and I must say I would not give them 10 stars!

Kaye-Marie W.

This was a great experience. Everyone was very helpful and put my daughter’s fears about getting the brace put on to rest. Staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

Cheryl R.

I’ve had a great experience coming here. Everyone is so friendly and ready to answer my questions. I really enjoy the friendly relaxed atmosphere. Thanks everyone.

Judy S.

Dr. Olsen and his staff saw me at the last minute for a broken wire and fit me in with no waiting. They’re always so great!

Eliza M.

I have been with Olsen Orthopedics for a a year and a half. I am very satisfied with them. You don’t wait half an hour like other orthodontists at each appointment. They will take you even if you are a little bit early, therefore getting done quicker. I would suggest Olsen Orthodontics to anyone.

Tim C.

Dr. Olsen is always very good about informing us on Haley’s progress. His staff is always very cheery and very accommodating.

Crystal C.

We love the staff at Olsen ortho! They have a fun environment and reacare about their patients.

Jen L.

I had an appointment to get a bonding. Dr. Olsen did a wonderful job absolutely no issues at all. Can’t wait to see the results!

Demitra Z.

I was nervous coming to my first appointment. Jennifer gave us a tour and was so friendly…that made me feel a lot better. Dr. Olsen was so nice! Thank you for the gifts and making me a member of the kids club! I’m not scared to get braces anymore!

Zoey D.

It was a quick check up on Britt’s retainer & I was very greatfull to get in in a quick & timely manner.

Vicki M.

I am very impressed with Dr. Olsen and all his staff. My girls both talk very highly about their experience every time they have an appointment.

Jamie L.

i like going to Dr.Olsen because he is very nice and he tells me what to do about my mouth when it hurts and always offers other options if something doesn’t work for me. he also always shows the me how to do new things. i really like the staff because they are always happy and they tell stories and dance and sing to the songs on the radio. when you go up to the front desk she is always really nice and tries to help as much as possible.

Madison G.

Wow! We ALWAYS get a smile from everyone at the office when we come. Even with Sydney struggling, everyone was patient and sweet and kind. I just can’t say enough positive things about our experience here. THANK YOU!

Brenda E.

dr olsen always treats me very well and quickly! also, when I told them about my shirt they gave me another one. the receptionist helped me set up my points card. everyone is so helpful and nice. thank you all!

Chance C.

Every person who works for Olsen, from our initial consultation to each subsequent visit, has been incredibly personable, showing genuine care and concern, upholding the utmost in customer service. In the world we live in today, it is refreshing to see a company set such a high standard. You and your staff should be very proud!

Trinity H.

I appreciate the friendly atmosphere. Tessa is great , fixes any problems I’ve had quickly and always makes me feel relaxed.

Debra H.

We enjoy every visit to Olson Orthodontics. They are polite and kind and always make us feel welcome! It has helped the process so much and helped my daughter’s anxiety go completely away.

Lori S.

I just went in and I get to put my rubber bands into a v around my brackets. The doc said I will soon be getting them off, can’t wait. I really like the girls they are totally awesome and my dad liked that I was in and out. Yeah!!

Derean T.

Excellent! Got in on time, and staff was friendly, helpful. Appointment went off without a hitch.

Chloe F.

I relocated from Rochester MN-my previous orthodontist is at Mayo Clinic. I really enjoyed my visits to them, I was always treated like family rather than a patient, I had a little fear of having my treatments eleswhere. Once I relocated, I decided to recieve treatments at Olsen Orthodontics. I have been welcomed at the office of Olsen Orthodontics, and I do feel like one of the family! The team here are wonderful! I am very glad that I chose to come to Dr Marc!! *thanks for the welcome* When the time comes to have all this metal removed…..I will thank you for my beautiful smile!! Tammy

Tammy B.

Fabulous group of people to work with. I felt comfortable at all times and was happy to get a good report for this appointment.

Calie H.

Always very professional from the front desk to the girls in the back and always run on time. Appreciate the great care that Madison gets and that Mallory had when she went there. Thanks!

Kathy M.

They treat me well and let me know everything that is going on in my mouth. I’m really liking the results too.

Talon J.

My teeth look great after the braces and now I’m into the retainers. Dr. Olsen and his staff are great to work with. Very happy my parents chose Dr. Olsen and his staff in Billings.

Grant O.

Everyone is always helpful and kind when I bring my kids in for their appointments! Thank you!

Mandy F.

Still thinking I’m too old to learn new tricks, but everyone was very friendly and encouraging. I’ll get used to this and learn not to pinch the inside of my lip. All went well. Bethany was the one who helped me. The next section does not allow me to type that in.

Carla G.

The experience here was wonderful as usual! Jayme even went out of her way to come out to my moms van to talk to her about my treatment. Great doctor, great staff!

Lucabella D.

I did not like braces when I had them on much at all. Now, having them off I love my smile! I believe it looks really nice, and find myself smiling a lot more.

Garrett B.

Wonderful experience! The kids enjoy going and getting their brace bucks! The staff is very kind and accommodating.

Melissa B.

I love the progress I’m seeing. Not to much longer and I’ll be brace free and ready for the next step! Great family oriented office!

Olivia M.

My daughter Brooke received excellent care while getting her braces put on. The process was very quick, everyone was very friendly, and even though she was a bit scared when we got to the appointment, she very quickly warmed up to everyone, and was talked to about everything going on, relieving her fears. We also were told very clear care instructions, tools that were easy for her to be able to use herself, and reassurance that if anything happens after hours, there’s a way to get ahold of someone in case of an emergency concerning her braces. The office was very good at working with me while coming up with the down payment too. We look forward to working with Olsen Orthodontics for all of Brooke’s orthodontic needs!

Terri B.

I love Olsen orthodontics. I’m supposed to get my herbst off at the next appointment. Yay!

Sylvia S.

My journey has been a long one, I started 6 years ago getting braces on and while I was a difficult case, Dr Olsen and his staff never lost faith that they could make a difference in my life. I have received many positive compliments on how nice my smile looks. The wonderful staff at Olsen Orthodontics are phenomenal and I would recommend them to any adult who is thinking of having orthodontic work done.

Michelle T.

As always, my appointment was a quick one. I had a great person changing the wire and she had a cool sense of humor. I like going to the Laurel office because then I don’t miss too much school. My mom likes both offices and she says she really appreciates the receptionist that works there now. See you in November!

Shay R.

Dr. Olsen and his crew remain proficient a year and a half in! Caden’s smile is really starting to take form! Love it!

Heathr E.

You do awesome work! I like the progress I am seeing with my treatment. Thank you!

Logan Y.

Love Dr. Olsen and his staff. LucaBella’s experience here was excellent. We will recommend Dr. Olsen in the future.

Lucabella D.

My daughter just had her braces put on Tuesday. Your office was very informative in the initial consultation and they worked very well with us on the financial part. I feel like we are in good hands!

Ginger F.

Dr.Olsen and his team are Amazing!!! Always happy, smiling, polite and professional. Definitely would recommend them to anyone.

Amber P.

Always enjoy coming into the office, everyone is very friendly and greets you with a smile. It is also very nice that they always know my daughters name when she comes in!

Lori T.

Dr. Olsen and his staff are always friendly and welcoming. Our appointments were ahead of schedule and efficient.

Emmalynn P.

I liked how when I first came in I had a tour of the place. They made me feel comfortable while I was getting checked. I love the gift Dr. Olsen and his staff gave me. My favorite one is the orange one. Thank you very much!

Kylie M.

Every time I go to my appointments, I feel so welcome. The staff is very friendly and caring. After every visit I leave feeling more confident about my smile. This whole process has left me with a higher self esteem and I notice I smile more. I’m not as ashamed about my teeth as I use to be. I look foward to having straight teeth and a beautiful smile.Thank You Olsen Orthodontics!

Larissa M.

We have been delighted with the courteous staff, flexibility, and my son’s txs. Billing was very helpful and advocated on our behalf. Nick now has is braces off and was pleased with his last appointment. Thanks.

Elizabeth K.

I like Dr Olsen’s office because the people are friendly and the office is clean.

Ally H.

Went in to take my 7yr old to see when we needed to start the process of braces for her. Was so impressed by the Damon orthodontics that I wanted to get braces again myself. My teeth were very crooked & my mouth very narrow…..had braces & headgear when I was younger, it corrected quite a bit of the problem. I still have a narrow mouth, cross bite & slight overbite. My front teeth are becoming crooked & overlapping….excited to try this new process & get even better results for my teeth.

Jodi P.

I’m nearing the end of my treatment and very excited to see my final product. I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Olsen and his team. I had a lot of unsettled feelings going into treatment and Dr. Olsen and his team have been reassuring and supportive. Thanks to all.

Mary S.

My son’s teeth are straighter than I could have ever imagined! Thanks so much Olsen Orthodontics!

Heathr E.

I think you and your staff listen to everything I say and you help me know more about what your doing with my teeth I really enjoy knowing you guys care…

Destiny J.

I have a great experience every time I come in. I am glad Dr. Olsen is my orthodontist.

Seth M.

Excellent care. I always look forward to my appointments cause I enjoy the staff.

Rosa B.

I took my granddaughter in to get her braces adjusted and was totally amazed at the way Dr. Olsen and his staff run their office. The professional conduct and attitude of everyone there makes your visit a very enjoyable experience. I really wish more people could have the good heart and ethics that I witnessed from Dr. Olsen today. They are very good at what they do and I highly recommend his practice.

Randy G.

My daughter had another follow up appointment and as usual, it was fantastic!

Dr. Olsen and his staff are wonderful. Very friendly, very welcoming. They got my daughter in and out pretty quickly which is always nice.

Holly D.

Dr. Olsen and his staff conducted themselves with exceptional professionalism and excellence. Every staff member, excluding one, worked hard to resolve any concern I brought to their attention with good humor and the highest level of expertise. I enjoyed each person, their individual personalities, intelligence and the support they gave me through every step of my correction. Their attention to detail and ability to reach the perfectionism I expected met my high expectations. I especially appreciate Dr. Olsen. As an adult patient, he understood my unique requirements and I completed my treatment with beautiful outstanding results. With great conviction, I recommend Olsen Orthodontics.

Teddi H.

Cole had to have a bracket put back on. He got right in. Dr. Olsen talked to Cole and told him things were looking good. We were in and out of the office in under 20 minutes. Great appt. Great staff. Thank you.

Paula K.

i like you guys you are the best and i cant wait to get these off i have been wearing my rubber bands at night and my teeth look awesome thank you all

Nicholas D.

The staff at the Lander office are all so nice and personable!!! Oh and I can’t forget Dr. Olsen-very down to earth. He is willing to explain any questions you may have!!!

Michelle W.

The staff at Olsen Orthodontics were really friendly. They showed me around the facility my very first day. During my first braces appointment they were very quick and explained everything.

Cassandra B.

Olsen Orthodontics has truly been a blessing to our family! Keep up the amazing work!

Heathr E.

Once again, I cannot say enough about the quality of care we receive each time we visit Olsen Orthodontics. We are always greeted warmly, and our appointment time is brief. I am able to pick up my son from school and have him back in less than 30 minutes, thanks to the convenient Laurel location. Keep up the excellent work!

Kenda H.

Dr. Olsen and his staff are very nice. They looked at my teeth and told me I don’t need anything done right now and I like that. They’re like a family.

Lane M.

Everyone in this office is very friendly and helpful. They take the time to get to know me, and they are all concerned with making my smile be the prettiest it can be.

Mackinzie V.

Appointments are always on time. Everyone is very kind and it makes for a positive experience for our kids.

Melissa B.

I brought my daughter in for a consultation with Dr. Olsen and His staff. We were warmly welcomed and they explained everything in great detail for the whole process of Mikayla’s getting her braces and her after care. We had a very good experience and Kim was so easy to talk to and very nice. We would highly recommend Dr. Olsen to everyone. We look forward to the next steps and the rest of the braces process.

Thanks for everything!

Michael and Stacy Foth

Stacy F.

My daughter Leah had a new wire put in. She is always happy when she leaves. Everyone there makes all patients and family feel very at home and comfortable. Thank you!

Debbie M.

My son Daniel loves going to your office. And no, it’s not because of all of the awesome swag you hand out, but that is a bonus! The staff is very friendly, cheerful and welcoming. It is always nice to walk into a building full of smiling faces and great attitudes. You are straight forward about what needs to be done, I appreciate that. Thank you all for making our visits happy and efficient.

Katie G.

Should close my gap today! Always a fun visit. Everyone is relaxed and friendly (even Dr. Olson!)

Gail F.

Dr Olsen is very good with my son. His teeth look wonderful-no more fangs! Dr. Olsen also makes sure to set me at ease and let me know whats going on in with my son’s mouth. All the staff is very courteous and do what they can to make this a comfortable procedure. Thank you all

Dustie C.

I was please with the consultation for my son. I did not feel pressured to do anything for which I was not in agreement and am satisfied with the current course of treatment that is planned. I look forward to our next visit and the conversation regarding the next step in the process.

Cathy K.

When starting my orthodontics work i was a little skeptical, being that Dr. Olsen was going to have to do a lot of traveling. i thought to myself ” this is not going to work for him. He will be done doing the driving thing real soon. Well i was proved wrong, with the bad winter and spring he was always there with a smile and eager to get to work. Thanks DR.Olsen for making me BEAUTIFUL. I will no longer doubt you. :)

Malva M.

I am 55 and three years ago I decided to fix my overbite. My daughter had dental work at Olsens so I went there too. I could not be happier with my smile now! I feel great about the change and the friendships I developed over the years will always be remembered. Thank you Olsen Orthodontics!

Gail R.

Dr. Olson and his staff are wonderful! The orthdontic care and compassion is top rate. I would recommend this staff to everyone!

Sheila O.

Always pleasant and great with Conrad. He almost likes going to the Ortho. He really likes “Mr. Olson”! Great staff!

Roulette K.

10 STARS!!!!!!!!!! Very friendly staff. Very clean building. Very professional environment. Highly recommended for anybody needing dental work.

Bertrand M.

I got my brace put on and the entire staff was awesome. Dr. Olsen is so nice. He and his staff explained everything to me before they started. My nana got to sit with me and watch the whole thing. It was great.

Bryson S.

Great, friendly staff. Always make me feel comfortable, always look forward to my appointments!

Brandon S.

My son Davis Bloom has always been uneasy about dentists. After leaving the office for the first time my son told me that he wants Dr Olsen to be his new dentist. As a parent it is a huge relief to know your child has made a connection with his orthodontist.

Karyn B.

This is the first time we have experienced this type of dental work for our daughter and we highly recommend going to Dr. Olsen. Both him and his staff are always friendly and make sure that each visit is a positive experience for Our daughter. I appreciate that kind of care. I also appreciate them having flexible payment options that made it comfortable for our family to afford braces for our daughter.

Cheryl H.

I think this office is the best. I especially liked the decorated stockings this month. Everyone is so friendly.

Abigail H.

It’s always an easy visit, all the employees make us feel welcome and comfortable and Jill is very warm and helpful!

Lynn K.

Olsen Orthodontics has been amazing. They have been very generous to our family and helped us find solutions for our Daughter Kaylee’s dental issues, even though braces certainly were not in our budget. In addition to that, they are always on the very top of their game, the staff is friendly and welcoming and they always have time for the issues that arise. Thank you Olsen Orthodontics for being simply fabulous!!

Jen P.

I really like the Dr and his staff. Everyone is very knowledgable and kind. I would recommend them to other people.

Patricia V.

Thank you for making our first visit a pleasant one! Everyone has been so nice and helpful. Chesnie just loves Dr. Olsen and Jennifer because they have horses. She loves talking horses and has alot in common with you guys! Have a great Holiday and we will see you in March.

Chesnie W.

I had my braces put on yesterday. I liked Dr. Olsen and the staff at Olsen Orthodonics. I am glad that my teeth are going to be straight! Thanks

Raelynn B.

Thanks Dr. Olsen and Staff! I appreciate you having an office in Laurel and for fitting me in over my lunch hour.

Layne W.

Dr. Olsen is amazing and so is his staff. They are very knowledgeable and courteous and I would recommend them to anyone needing orthodontics.

Brock O.

It is always a pleasant experience to visit Olsen Ortho. They do a great job and are professional and friendly.

Morgan C.

Everyone at the office is fun to be around. They are always in good moods and make me laugh(even if I am getting my mouth worked on). Their humor makes it easier to come in.

Emily D.

The staff at Olson are always nice and make me laugh, they also make sure my teeth are straight and where they want them before moving on to the next step.

Sara H.

I am so thankful that Dr. Olsen was able to get my teeth/bite where it needed to be, especially just coming out of orthodontia a year prior!!! Thank you so much to such a wonderful and fun staff!

Michelle H.

My visits are short and do not hurt that much. I like the surroundings, and it’s a great place for a kid to go. All the staff is nice. I love my smile, thanks Dr. Olsen.

Alison B.

Excellent visit!. I am on the homeward leg of my braces. Yes, my mouth is sore with a new wire, but the end is in sight! Thanks Dr. Olsen and your staff!

Chloe F.

My son is treated very kindly when we are in for his appointments. The staff is very caring, kind, and accommodating. The Dr. seems to be passionate about his work and clients.

Aldora W.

Seth said the technicians were funny and that relieved his nervousness at getting braces. Your staff are friendly and efficient. The welcome bag was fun too, and perfect. He was in mild pain for a day or so, so he wore his Neslo sweatshirt and napped. The sonicare has encouraged him to brush well and was an unexpected surprise. I also like how Dr Olsen takes time to visit the waiting room and just say hello or ask if we had any questions. Very positive experience for Seth. Thank you.

Drena M.

I am almost 11 years old and I like Dr. Olsen because he gives me good advice about my teeth. His workers are friendly and funny. Everyone seems to be smiling all the time! My teeth were a mess and now I like to smile a lot!

Karli S.

As always, Dr Olsen and his team were friendly and efficient. I just completed my treatment with Invisalign so the appointment was longer than usual having completion records done and the retainers made but it was handled as quickly and comfortably as possibly. I have been very happy with the ‘Dr. Olsen Team’ and with my results! Thank you!!

Dona A.

Olsen Orthodontics is AMAZING! They are the most kind, caring and knowledgeable staff! We absolutely love coming to appointments! Dr. Olsen is the best! I would recommend them to anyone!

Karla K.

Always friendly and helpful! Enjoy the fact that get email reminders along with phone reminders.

Sarah S.

I called at 2:00 pm with a broken bracket and I was sitting in their chair at 2:50 pm getting it fixed. You can’t beat that! These guys are great!

Kristi B.

They have catered to calie’s needs completely and I love that they are so patient with us breaking brackets and popping wires.

Lori S.

In the past few years I have paid for myself (mid 50s) and two children to have ortho work done by Dr. Marc and staff, all with fine success. The entire staff, and the process, was pleasant. I was glad to get my middle-age tune-up, and both of my kids are loving there smiles.

Mark C.

This is our second child being treated by Dr. Olson. We have been very impressed with the level of service, the excellent treatment, the kind staff, the attention to detail, the cleanliness of the facility, the organization …. everything about our experience. Our dentist, Dr. Todd Torbert referred us and we are very happy.

Jamie P.

I appreciated the time they took to make sure every thing fit and looked good, and I love the enthusiasm of the staff!

Sara H.

I love going to this office it’s very clean and everyone is very friendly. It’s like a great family.I’m very happy with the way my teeth are coming along.

Shelly S.

The Staff At The Lander Office Are So Sweet And Professional. My Son Feels Very Calm And Comfortable With The Doctor.

Leslee A.

Couldn’t ask for a better job! I get to help Dr. Olsen give the gift of a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. Thanks, Dr. Olsen.

Tessa B.

We never have to wait for our appointment and you guys are always on time and the staff is very kind and friendly.

Melissa B.

I got right in–everyone was thorough and friendly–easy to do–very nice staff.

Ginny H.

Dr. Olsen is very nice. He is encouraging especially as I get closer to the end of treatment.

Erik S.

I always have a very nice experience at the office. Every single girl is super sweet and will help you anyway they can, and Kathy upfront is amazing. She has helped me so much! And, I kinda like Dr. Olsen too…..:) he is amazing!

Rebecca M.

I can honestly say the last 2 years have just flown by. I love that we don’t have to go in every month and they really accommodate my busy work schedule and Caden’s school schedule. They continue to encourage him with proper mouth hygiene. Keep up the great work!

Heathr E.

Dr. Olsen is always very friendly and sure of what he is doing. The staff at Olsen Orthodontics is always very kind, personable, helpful, and caring. They are all wonderful!

Maria Q.

I recommend this office to everyone I know. We love Dr. Olsen and his staff!! Super friendly office and prompt. My children always enjoy their visits:)

Angela L.

I appreciate the time Dr. Olsen and his staff took with our daughter and us. We had a couple questions. They didn’t rush us and answered them honestly and thoroughly!

Kelly A.

Dr. Olson and his staff are wonderful. Jill helped us get set up for brace bucks and is always so sweet and helpful!

Eliza M.

The staff was very professional. They were very quick to get me back in my appointment. Before the appointment started, I was shown around the facility. During my appointment session, everyone was very kind. The doctor came in and talked with me one on one. My case is different, so I am being referred to another specialist before I can have braces because the doctor wants to ensure I can have braces.

Thank you for your kindness and professional staff!

Saharazon W.

Dr. Olsen is the best. His crew and him are always cheerful and positive. I would recommend Dr. Olsen to anyone.

Tim C.

Love Dr. Olsen and his staff!! Everyone always has a smile on their face. We have been going to Dr. Olsen for years now and have never had a bad experience/appointment. Very friendly and inviting staff!! My daughter still has her braces but I can already tell Dr. Olsen has done a phenomenal job on her very difficult situation.

Noelle S.

Everyone is so nice and makes me feel so comfortable, even when I’m nervous. I love going here and everyone makes me feel so special.

Sydney E.

Completely satisfied with office and staff!! Looking forward to getting to know you all!!

David B.

Every time I go in for an adjustment I’m treated well and the staff is great and nice thanks very much!

Sara H.

Had a very good experience at your office,Chad got right in and out in little time.Next it will be his braces.Everyone very kind and professional.Thank you.Sincerely,Sherry

Sherry E.

Always very pleasant when going into office. Dr. Olson is always straightforward with what is going on if anything with your child. Always a good experience.

Melissa B.

Olsen is awesome! They make every visit a good one. I love going to Olsen because the staff if friendly and Dr. Olsen is always in a “Make you Smile” kind of mood. I give Olsen Orthodontics a Ten because they give you rewards, they give you a t-shirt, and when you get your braces off they give u a goodie bag full of the things that you maybe get to eat while you had your braces on. I give Olsen a Ten because they provide top notch service.

Tylie E.

Always the highest level of customer service! Everyone in this office is a pleasure to work and interact with.

Colter W.

Olson Orthodontics are GREAT!! The staff is always smiling, knowledgeable of what they are doing, and very helpful and understanding of our daughter Riley. She is the first one in our family to have braces and now because we are having such a great experience my husband and at least one more of our children will be getting braces. I would recommend them to my family and friends.

Amber P.

My daughter’s teeth look great. She is so happy with the way they are turning out. Thank you so much.

Dawn L.

Dr Olsen and his staff have been phenomenal to our family over the last 8 years. As an adult I decided it would be nice to have a smile to be proud of and after a 2.5 year stint I have one!! My teenager is also enjoying hers since they took them off last year. And my little one may present the biggest challenge to him. BUT we are up to is with thisoffice and staff at our sides. Couldn’t find a better office if I tried. Thanks a bunch for your many years of help.

Cindy S.

I didn’t have very good teeth and now with Olsen orthodontics they are going to help me have a great smile!!

Taylor L.

Olsen Orthodontics is a very kid friendly place. Alissa looks forward to her appointments. The staff is very friendly and professional.

Michaelia C.

It is always a pleasant visit with the staff at Olsen Orthodontics! I am excited to get started on Jordyns braces!

Melissa B.