Damon® Braces

Dr. Olsen is Montana and Wyoming’s leading provider of Damon® System Braces, the innovative system that uses a self-ligating process to allow teeth to move more easily and comfortably. Damon braces have been shown to be successful for patients of all ages, and Dr. Olsen has completed hundreds of orthodontic treatments using this remarkable system, thanks to his extensive experience and training.

How do Damon System Braces work?

All orthodontic braces work using the same basic premise: utilizing pressure to help move teeth and jaws into their correct place. The standard braces that have been in use for decades require the use of elastics wrapped around brackets to hold an archwire in place, which in turn helps to exert pressure.


Damon braces, however, use brackets that open to hold a specially designed “shape memory” archwires that allow teeth to move more gently and easily. Not only does this eliminate the elastics used around brackets, it also means that there are fewer orthodontic visits required and more predictable results.

Are Damon Braces appropriate for adults?

Absolutely. With all of our patients, including adults, Dr. Olsen does a complete facial evaluation before recommending treatment. This includes looking at the shape of your face, its structure and your profile.

Those who undergo orthodontic treatment using Damon braces as an adult will often achieve a more youthful appearance as well as a straighter, healthier smile. Examples include not only having a fuller smiler, but also smoother cheek contours and better facial aesthetics. We’ve been told it’s like having a facelift—without ever undergoing surgery!

Treatment Time

The time needed for complete orthodontic treatment varies from patient to patient. For many, however, the use of Damon braces does reduce the overall length of time needed to achieve ideal results.

Clear Braces

In addition to metal braces, Damon also offers Damon Clear, which offers the many benefits of Damon braces but even more discreetly. In fact, people may not even realize that you’re wearing braces, as this unique system remains crystal clear throughout your treatment and is resistant to discoloration and staining.