Welcome to the Kid's Club

For those patients that are not yet ready for braces, they become part of our Exclusive Kid's Club.
Our Kid's Club members receive a t-shirt, backpack, Brace Bucks and a bank. They will also be invited to our Kid's Club only events.
What are Brace Bucks? Exclusive coins that they can cash in for gift cards like Amazon, Target, Subway and MORE!
Brace Bucks are earned throughout the year by coming to their appointments, getting A's on their report card, having clean teeth, wearing their t-shirt to their appointment, and winning Kids Club contests.

Kids Club Coin

Dr. Olsen likes to take a preventative approach to your child's orthodontic health. He recommend that your child be seen for their orthodontic evaluation around age 7. In most cases, treatment won't be needed at that time and Dr. Olsen will check their growth and development about every 6 months then recommend treatment when it is appropriate